BX-27A-0.7 HDMI Connection SeriesBX-27A-0.9 HDMI Connection SeriesBX-27A-1.2 HDMI Connection SeriesBX-27A-1.5 HDMI Connection SeriesBX-27A-1.875 HDMI Connection SeriesHigh-end customized HDMI connectionsBX-P1.2 XR Virtual ShootingBX-P1.5 XR Virtual ShootingBX-P1.9 XR Virtual ShootingBX-P2.5 XR Virtual ShootingXR Virtual Shooting SeriesBX-P1.2 3D-VR DisplayBX-P2.0 3D-VR DisplayBX-P1.56 3D-VR DisplayBX-P2.5 3D-VR Display3D-VR Display SeriesBX-P2.5 Outdoor naked eye 3D cold screen seriesBX-P3 outdoor naked eye 3D cold screen seriesBX-P4 outdoor naked eye 3D cold screen seriesBX-P5 Outdoor naked eye 3D cold screen seriesBX-P6 Outdoor naked eye 3D cold screen seriesBX-P8 Outdoor naked eye 3D cold screen seriesBX-P10 Outdoor naked eye 3D cold screen seriesOutdoor naked eye 3D seriesBX-P1.5 Passive 3DBX-P2.0 Passive 3DBX-P2.5 Passive 3DPassive 3D SeriesMacro Rear Projection SeriesBX-PH0.7 COB High Definition LED DisplayBX-PH1.56 COB High Definition LED DisplayBX-PH0.9 COB High Definition LED DisplayBX-PH1.2 COB High Definition LED DisplayCOB Display SeriesBX-P0.9 SMD Small Pitch SeriesBX-P1.2 SMD Small Pitch SeriesBX-P1.5 SMD Small Pitch SeriesBX-P1.875 SMD Small Pitch SeriesBX-P2 SMD Small Pitch SeriesSMD Small Pitch SeriesBX-P2 outdoor full-color display screenBX-P3 Outdoor Full Color Display ScreenBX-P4 Outdoor Full Color Display ScreenBX-P5 Outdoor Full Color Display ScreenBX-P6 Outdoor Full Color Display ScreenBX-P8 Outdoor Full Color Display ScreenBX-P10 Outdoor Full Color Display ScreenBX-P16 Outdoor Full Color Display ScreenOutdoor High Definition Display SeriesBX-P0.9 Indoor DisplayBX-P1.2 Indoor DisplayBX-P1.5 Indoor DisplayBX-P1.875 Indoor DisplayBX-P2.0 Indoor DisplayBX-P2.5 Indoor DisplayBX-P3 Indoor DisplayBX-P4 Indoor DisplayIndoor High Definition Display SeriesAV Smart Club Cloud Screen (BX-118)AV Smart Club Cloud Screen (BX-138)AV Smart Club Cloud Screen (BX-165)AV Smart Cloud Screen SeriesBX-P1.2 indoor and outdoor shaped screen seriesBX-P1.5 indoor and outdoor shaped screen seBX-P1.8 indoor and outdoor shaped screen seriesBX-P2.5 indoor and outdoor shaped screen seriesBX-P2 indoor and outdoor shaped screen seriesBX-P3 indoor and outdoor shaped screen seriesP3.91-7.81 indoor and outdoor shaped transparent sP7.81-7.81 Indoor and outdoor shaped transparent sP10.416 Indoor and outdoor shaped transparent screP16-16 indoor and outdoor shaped transparent screeP16-33 indoor and outdoor shaped transparent screeIndoor and outdoor shaped screen display seriesHigh-end customized HDMI connectivity solutionsXR Display Technology Solutions3D-VR Display Technology SolutionsOutdoor Naked Eye 3D SolutionPassive 3D display technology system solutionsOutdoor Media LED Display SolutionsMacro Rear Projection SolutionsCommand Center SolutionsEducation Industry SolutionsVideoconferencing SolutionsStadium LED display solutionsHDMI connection to command center displayOutdoor naked eye 3D display3D-VR DisplayXR Display TechnologySmall Pitch DisplayOutdoor DisplayIndoor Displaymacro rear projectionCanopy Screen & Shaped Screen & Flexible ScreenCompany NewsIndustry News



3D-VR Display Technology
XR Display Technology
Cinema Display System
High-end display LED display
3D-VR Display Technology Solutions

 720°VR panorama is based on the panoramic image of the real scene production, to realize the panoramic reproduction of the product and the environment, so that customers feel more intuitive and real and reliable, so that marketing becomes more interesting, so that marketing is more effective, so that the service is more quality.
 Users can browse online through cell phones, computers, VR headsets and other types of terminal equipment, immersive immersion experience and interesting interactive capabilities to stimulate the user's desire to explore, innovative display to promote the conversion of diversion.
XR Display Technology Solutions

Our application solution integrates high-definition LED display screen, camera tracking system and powerful graphic processing engine, and deeply integrates motion capture, AR, VR, 5G and other technological applications, which enables real objects such as characters or products to be immersed in the virtual world without the need for a green screen and post-production to complete the virtual production.
Cinema Display System Solutions

Passive 3D technology, also known as polarized 3D technology, the use of light has a "direction of vibration" principle to break down the original image, through the addition of a polarizing plate on the display screen to comb the polarized light, combined with polarized glasses can be delivered to the viewer of the two polarization direction of the two images are different (vertical and horizontal), when the picture passes through the polarization of the eyes, due to the polarized eyes of the eyes of each lens can only accept the picture of a direction of polarization, so that the human left and right eyes will be able to receive the picture of the two sets of images, and then synthesize the stereoscopic image after the brain.
High-end display LED display solutions

Die-casting aluminum structure box, to achieve high-precision flat seamless splicing and good heat dissipation; fanless design, to keep quiet; box light and thin, easy to transport and loading and unloading; high efficiency and stability, high reliability, long service life; 500 × 500 standard box, the area of the calculation is convenient; the use of SMD black lamps, viewing angle is large, high-contrast, soft image, display image realistic; connected to a professional audio-video processing system, to support a variety of signals on the stage processing, playback of high-fidelity image signals;


Business Advantages

Professional Team
Has a strong high-quality promotion, planning, creative team and independent and perfect construction team

Diversity as One
Independent and perfect construction team, specializing in LED product development, production and engineering application integration services

Quality Services
Actively serving government departments and major domestic and foreign enterprises. Strict internationalized management

About Us
Established in 2011, Guangzhou Haobo Baixing Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of LED products, production and engineering applications, after-sales integration services, is one of the earliest professional LED screen display system companies engaged in the LED display industry in China. In recent years, with strong technical strength, quality management system of excellence, good after-sales service system, a number of self-developed audio and video software products have been awarded the "Software Copyright Certificate" by the State Copyright Bureau and the utility model patent certificate, and have been recognized as a high-tech enterprise and a member of China Optical and Optoelectronic Industry Association. The company and its products have passed the certificates of energy-saving certification, environmental protection product certification, CCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, CE, RoHS, FCC, UL, ETL, after-sales service five-star certification.

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